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Posted: 14 December, 2018 By Blog

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Dear Crew and friends,

I have been uninspired to write my newsletters these past few months. The cause has been that I have not had the time in front of the computer needed, to create a visually appealing and relevant content for where I am today. Relevant to how I feel YogaMonks and my work at my new establishment Kara House should be best represented.

Finally, in October, bored with my inability to get a newsletter out, I asked for help. One of my senior students is a professional graphic designer and I wondered if she would be interested in helping me out. She said yes and here we are with a new look and inspiration flowing again. 

My team of YogaMonks Professionals have not only studied my teacher training program for 5 years and are devoted daily practitioners, they are also professionals in their own arenas. I hope to introduce them better to you during 2019.

Our new layout will share with you a monthly inspiration quote and video, my personal letter to you, updates on courses, classes, workshops and retreats and the Kara House offerings in the countryside.

I also have a slow slow shop concept where I introduce some of my personal favorite daily use products such as candles, incense, and art that you can peruse and order at your leisure. Expect a slow process of order to delivery. We do not do next day delivery, but we do do gorgeous organic, spiritually inspirational details for enhancing daily life.

Last but not least the letter might end at times with a Wild Card promo of someone or something that I find fabulous that may spark your interest or evoke new ideas or be beneficial in your life in someway.

Sending you and your families SEASONS GREETINGS and looking forward to connect with you through our new newsletter each month of the brilliant New Year ahead. Thank you for the year that has been!

With Love,

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