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Posted: 4 March, 2019 By Blog

Dear Crew and friends,

Fascia, our connective tissue, what I usually refer to as our real world wide web: the fascia within our own body and the collective body of all of us beings on earth and the earth itself, a living breathing organism of bodies, one body, many bodies, body as one unit, bodies as one unit, we are one. These fundamental spiritual laws of oneness, unity, connection are the daily bread of the YogaMonks Sadhana Practice and I am so happy that there are more of us today (YM Professional Teachers) able to share our delicious practice and passion for connection with so many more of you.

Fascia is being more and more researched and explored in the world of science and fitness. In the YM school, thanks to the great original work of Jonathan Monks the founder of the method, I have now a decade of practical experience on how movements that encourage fascial freedom opens our bodies to Hatha Yoga. Even if you are not interested in yoga it is a method of movement that allows living and moving freely in all ranges of movement in any activity and age. This is a live movement training, not something I teach online. If you live far from Sweden and cannot get to our monthly meetings for practice, invite us to YOU. We have a Global Sadhana Program envisioned for you. If you have a group of 10 people wherever you live, we will travel to you once a month and make this practice available. In between our live meetings you will be developing your daily self-practice and can also check in via Skype with your teacher if needing a private session.

A decade of experience in this work and we are super excited about the results in our own lives and the lives of our students. We know it works for developing a devotion to daily meditation and movement in small deepening doses of 15 minutes a day, a discipline that you can then apply to any activity in your life to help you better manifest your visions. It is available to anyone of all ages and abilities and offers you freedom in body, mind and spirit no matter where you are when you begin. It is so gentle and soft and yet so potent and powerful as a practice. With an experienced teacher you will be beautifully guided on how to master daily discipline of seated practice and breath work as well as how to free your being through simple and accessible yogic preparatory practices from the fascia based movement of the YM Method. Get an idea of the movement through my videos on Vimeo Lotus Lectures or Instagram Yoga Monks. A proper video view of our work and our school is in the making and we hope to have that available on your screens by the end of this year. Meanwhile: Magdalena, one of our YM Professionals shares, in her own words, her sadhana story and where it has taken her. Enjoy, below.

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With Love,

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