September Newsletter

Posted: 6 September, 2019 By Blog


Gardens and Growth


Dear Crew and friends,

I am hoping that this letter that cusps into Autumn finds all of you very well and that for those who have been on holidays that you have filled your wells and are ready for a new burst of creativity at work and at home. 

I've been learning to grow my own vegetables this summer. It has been enriching to get the hands in the earth to both plant and harvest the goodies of nature. From the gardening I naturally resorted to lots of cooking and it inspired me to offer a cooking course in Sri Lankan Cuisine in my home in the coming months. More on that below, but first a new opportunity to Breathe Better with me by the sea in Varberg in October. A weekend breather to rejuvenate your inspiration. I hope to see many of you there. 

In June, to my surprise, I saw myself on a front cover. This was the result of a collaboration with photographer Anna Thorbjörnsson, who's creative ideas resulted in a large spread about her work in the Swedish magazine Kamera&Bild. I have featured her here at the end of the newsletter to give you an introduction to her and her beautiful work. Enjoy!

With Love,

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Newsletter June: a loud new moon

Testimonial: Thank you dear Mithila, for a wonderful retreat at Kara House. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get away from everyday life for a short while and be blissfully treated and spoiled with Mithi's delicious food, beautiful surroundings and a loving atmosphere. I feel blessed and very grateful. _ Cecilia, silent day-retreat guest June 2019.

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