Visit Our Visual - November Newsletter

Posted: 29 November, 2019 By Blog

As seasonal holidays are in our hearts and minds I send this muse-letter with the news about this upcoming service that may well be the perfect New Years Resolution for yourself or a loved one - a gift of presence for every day of 2020.
Good or Great? :-D

The year end is closing in and we are opening soon to a New Year and newer beginnings. I am a lover of the journalling process: the contemplation of life, reflecting on the year that has been and closing the chapters that need closing, opening to new ideas and opening the new doors through which a new glow is seeping through. What is shifting and changing around you right now and what directions are drawing your energy forwards into the New Year?

I will be in touch again next week and meanwhile I hope you enjoy my new 'YogaMonks - at a glance' video that we at the YM school made this year in collaboration with, my dear friend and talented artistic creator, Malin Zaki. Up top you find a link to our video and scroll down for more information on Malin and how to hire her for the many artistic and holistic services she provides.

Until soon, With love,


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Visit Our Visual - November Newsletter

The 4 'words and images' above give you a visual glimpse of an exciting new program of practice that is designed to support you and your life-style anywhere, every day. You now have a chance to join a 7 day self-practice challenge that starts on December 4th when the free trial for this new program is released. This challenge ends in a sweet surprise for all who participate.

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