Short Talks with Mithila

Posted: 16 March, 2021 By Blog

From the DDI 365 Online Daily Practice Program - Weekly Review talks - Mithila has excerpted shorter edits from the program to give you a glimpse of the teachings within the program but also in general to share her view of Daily Practice, its what, how and why. For your inspiration and motivation to get to daily. Daily Does It. Click on the image below to take yourself to the VIMEO SHOWCASE with all the short talks. 


Hatha Yoga

“I have lived in my body this long, yet how well did I really know her many folds, her many crevices?’’

The merging of breath and posture (either dynamic or still / held postures), through specific energetic channels of the Bodies is the very art and science of Hatha Yoga.

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Online Course

Your online daily practice success resource with Mithila.

365 days
15 minutes per day

Manageable Movements

simple body awareness practices

Breathing Better

simple breathing practices

Simply Sitting

simple seated guided meditation practices

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