Breath Relationships

Posted: 3 September, 2021 By Online News

Where do you begin to breathe better? What defines breath practices, preparations for yogic Pranayama, and what is Prana and Yama anyway? 


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What is Meditation?

What is meditation in all its many meanings? Read more about the word and the practice and discover what types of meditation might appeal to you.

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Spontaneous Yoga Sessions

Live Online classes with Mithila announced on the day spontaneously. Join the phone list that keeps you in the loop of these sessions and seize the day!

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Hatha Yoga

The merging of breath and posture (either dynamic or still / held postures), through specific energetic channels of the Bodies is the very art and science of Hatha Yoga.

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YM Daily Practice Course

Are you longing to get to daily practice with your yoga and meditation?
We will keep you consistent, committed and continuously learning through your first 12 month journey.

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