5D Earth Upgrade

Posted: 31 October, 2021 By Blog

I am Mithila, yogini and director of the YM School of Yoga. 

I am also a Galactic Channel, Light Language and Trance Medium Communicator. 

I have been prepared for this new role during the past 3 years and only recently received this title and assignment from the Galactic Federation 5D Upgrade Project. 

I have written my experience on the 5D Consciousness upgrade for the Earth Tribe and hope this will be of assistance to you in our collective consciousness ascension process.


Follow this link to read more about the 5D Earth Upgrade to learn more about How Do I know I am upgrading?, IS this for real, An extraordinary life, Upgrade Symptoms and Why, and the Back Story from Mithila on how she became a Galactic Channel and how this can help you now and in the future.

 LIVE (on ZOOM) CHANNELING EVENT Lunar Portal Meditation Dec. 4th and LIVE in person AND ZOOM 2nd Galactic Party on Dec 19th

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24 Days of Light Calendar

A day by day Zoom Live Online with Mithila - Light Calendar inviting you to upgrade your light levels through prayer, meditation and trance mission channeling.

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5D Earth Upgrade

Are you curious about the planetary shift into 5D?

Would you like to be an active part of helping yourself to raise your consciousness with the energy support that is flooding into Earth at the moment?

Are you aware that we entered a new Golden Age?

Would you like be an active part of this Earth shift?

Have you been experiencing weird physical symptoms and emotions that make you feel as if you might be ill or anxious but you know deep inside that there is nothing really wrong with you?

Read on to discover Mithila’s 5th Dimension Upgrade experience and how you can be assisted through her process.

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