Lunar Home Retreat 7 days

Posted: 27 January, 2022 By Blog

The Lunar Calendar is a method of timelining the year that is still used in many countries traditional festivals and many religions activities and high holidays of the year.  

The Lunar New Year thus begins on the first new moon in the time following January 21st.

In 2022, this New Moon, the start of the Lunar Year, falls on February 1st.


As I am keeping a Lunar Calendar of meditations during 2022, I received inspiration to extend the New Moon February 1st meditation into a 7 day Lunar Year Celebration with a Home Retreat.



From February 1st to February 7th you can join me every day for a daily practice spiritual connection.

1. Establish yourself in a daily practice for a week with a teacher to experience what it can provide in your life

2. Strengthen your ongoing daily practice with group meditations and spirit boosting breath work.

3. Receive Healing Energy and Channeled messages and guidance from Inter Dimensional High Vibration Source

4. Activate and deepen your own Multi-Dimensional capacity and Source Connection

5. Spending some time in personal silence every day for health and healing of the nervous system


Guaranteed a deepening of your personal practice ability and affect. 


For whom?

Absolutely everyone. Even if you are ill you can lie down and receive these beneficial moments in meditation. 

Time Commitment:

1-2 hours per day Feb 1st-Feb 7th, 2022. Via Zoom Online Live.


Schedule in Sweden Local Time: 

Feb 1st:  1800-2000: New Moon Meditation evening as planned on Calendar (€44 or €33 depending on membership)

Feb 2nd: 2000-2100: Evening Meditation and Breath Work

Feb 3rd: 2000-2100: Evening Meditation and Breath Work

Feb 4th: 2000-2100: Evening Meditation and Breath Work

Feb 5th: 2000-2100: Evening Meditation and Breath Work

Feb 6th: 1900-2000: Healing Circle Event as planned on Calendar (€11)

Feb 7th: 2000-2100: Evening Meditation and Breath Work


What is it?

During the New Moon Meditation and the Healing Circle I will be Channeling the energy Live to guide us. Read more on the individual events for further details, linked above. 

On the Meditation and Breath Work evenings, we will mostly practice in silence where we are. Since everyone is on mute you can play some music of your choice to accompany your practice. I will be using my considerable daily practice and teaching experience to hold the space for your meditation and breathing practice. Although most of these sessions will be in silence I will be using my deep training in Energy Mastery and my intuitive abilities to guide you energetically through the hour. What happens will depend on who is in the group. Be prepared to find meditation very easy in the environment that I create for you!

I work intuitively on these sessions, so I might also switch from silence to guided meditation and breathwork if that is what is called through.


OTHER SUGGESTIONS (not obligatory, just lovely):

During these 7 days home retreat, I encourage you to spend more time in 

- silence

- offline (in your spare time when possible)

- take baths and look after your hair and skin

- journal 

- make time to make creativity a priority


Energy Exchange:

Join only the New Year Feb 1st Meditation sign up here. (€44/€33)

Join only the Healing Circle Feb 6th sign up here. (€11)

Join the 7 day retreat Feb 1st- 7th including the two events above and the 1 hour meditations on the other days.

TOTAL Investment in your 7 day home retreat: 888 SEK / € 88


Get your ticket to this retreat now. I am taking registrations up until February 1st. Unlimited space.

Bring a friend or family member to the retreat for only 444 SEK / € 44 extra.

 Do you already have the Lunar Meditation Package? You will receive a special offer via email. Hang on :-D



With Love, Mithila



To read more about Lunar Calendars you can see this link on Brittanica for example. 





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