The Light Guides Course 2023

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 NEWS : the program is now scheduled to start in APRIL 2023.  

Join The Light Guides Course to:

  • Find/Deepen your Flow with Life and Naturalness of Being
  • Expand your Intuition and Sense Abilities (the seeing, feeling, hearing, knowing and smelling of reading energy)
  • Enjoy/Deepen Being in your Body and Living Life with greater wholeness
  • Begin/Deepen your understanding on energy is everything and everything is energy
  • Develop greater ease in navigating the unknown, the unseen and awaken/deepen your Multi-Dimensional Self Awareness
  • Encourage courage in yourself for discovering who you really are
  • Learn to Discern: everyday energy, expanding energy, the Planetary Upgrade / 5th Dimensional Energy, and many other types of energy experiences with tools for Energy Mastery of Self
  • Set a superb and stable foundation for yourself to become an experienced Energy Medicine Healer / Light Worker / Channel 


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 2 spots left on the Foundation Course Module. 

A prerequisite course to an intimate group of 10-12 souls journeying together on an epic, slow, and deep dive into multi dimensional being via the Light Guides Course with myself and my Guides. 
On this first 3 month module we go through the Bodies, the Aura, sensing the Aura, creating energy shields and energetic alignment and grounding. 
I call it Align, Ground and Surround. 
You can drop in on any future module of this program once you have the Foundation Course covered.
Module 1 June to August is called Dimensions and Consciousness and 
module 2 is Chakras, 
module 3 Connecting to your spiritual team and module
4 Relationships. 
In Year 2 I plan to cover 12 Chakra system, Ancestral Healing, Akashic Records and much more.

On this first 3 month Module, the Foundation Course starting in April, we are going to go deeply into your personal experience of your energy field, learning to read the Aura, learning to create energetic Alignment, Grounding and Shields and looking at energy management practices that can change your life as a high-sensitive, empath who feels and senses A LOT and needs tools to manage the energy in living with grace in this world. Also perfect for those of you who recognise that you are in the Earth Upgrade Project Process and experiencing ascension symptoms and more.

Also for those who might not necessarily feel they are high-sensitives (or as I call it sense-able and high-sense able) but who would like to improve their understanding of energy and how energetic habits and practices can create greater flow in life and support creative processes on a daily basis.


Use the Homework for April to check in with yourself. It can be done by anyone, for themselves, as a way of reflecting and checking in with yourself on your multi-dimensional experience of Self.


April Course Content:

  • Learn to activate energetic Alignment, Grounding and Energy Boundaries/Spiritual Shields for your personal practice, daily life and for advanced energy work / spiritual work and multi-dimensional journeys


Perhaps the Course is not right for you but perfect for someone you know? I appreciate all help you can provide in spreading the word where it will be of support and help. Thank You.


This Course is an epic 1-3 year program, but can be studied module by module based on your interest on the subjects - however I do require this Foundation Course as a prerequisite to the other modules (unless you already have a prior training/personal experience that covers those topics).

The subjects we will cover in the first year after the Foundation Module are Dimensions and Multi Dimensionality, Chakras, Working with our Spiritual Teams and Guides and Tools and Meditations for living in greater harmony in our physical human relationships in this life.


Registration will be open until March 20th.

We embark on our journey April 2nd.



Further reading:

Everything is Energy

My life has been charmed by the experiential knowing that Everything is Energy.

It is this knowledge and knowing that I wish to share with you on this Course.

When we begin to navigate life from an Energy Perspective there is far less drama, chaos and confusion. We understand why we are experiencing certain relationships, situations, careers, money issues, illnesses etc...from an energy perspective. And then we begin to also have more of the Energy that co-creates the dream jobs, the dream relationships, the dream homes, the dream lifestyles and our Soul's Guidance on what direction to take in Life.

Everything happens in Energy first.
When you master this, even to a degree or two, you have a powerful key to sovereignty in your own life.

That is what I believe and know to be true.

I will be providing some wonderful tools and knowledge for shifting your perspective onto the Energy of experiences and tools for Mastering your own Energy on the Light Guides Course.


Energy is Everything

Those of us who have a lot of Energy for Life do not appreciate it's value fully until we no longer have a lot of energy.

In these times it is key to understand where your energy goes. What your energy does. To become conscious about the movement and direction of your Energy.

In understanding ourselves as multi-dimensional beings we find that things are rarely as they seem. When our knowing is limited to the 3rd Dimensional reality we are quick to judge the loss of energy to: diet, exercise, people or situations draining our energy, burn-out, hormones, age, illness or whatever else we feel is explainable or understandable or logical.

Though loss of energy can be partially due to such reasons in the 3rd Dimension it is my experience that our Energy is also working on many different levels, on the unknown and unseen even. Understanding this can truly help us liberate ourselves from energy blocks, personality traits, habits, circumstances, relationship drama and perhaps most valuable of all: false or harmful judgements on ourselves or others.

This, to me, is such a win in life. This, to me, is freedom in life. And this is one of the many knowings I wish to impart and invoke during the Light Guides Course.

This also brings us into alignment with where our Energy actually is, and what gives us Energy. We tap into that which creates a greater flow and flux of Energy through our Being in this world and expand our idea of who we are, where we are, what we are of and where we are going. 

This is also what I intend to bring through on this Course.


Uncertain and Unknown

Becoming calm in uncertainty, navigating the unknown and embracing change are life skills that bring such Grace to ourselves and the people and animals ( and other Beings :-D ) we share our lives with.

I believe this Course is timely for those wishing to navigate uncertainty with greater Ease and Grace.

It is a Course that is in alignment with these times we are all now in and will help support the changes that we all now need to make.

the YM Method

NEWS! the YM Sadhana Year 1 Program is available again with Mithila Kara starting in January 2024.
The Light Guides Course starts again in April 2024.

- relieving you of common aches and pains
- supporting you with better posture and spine health
- giving you ease in movement, breath and being still
- preparing you for Hatha Yoga and other advanced spiritual practices

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May 21st Yoga Day Event

A few spaces left on this event...
YM Method yoga and Mudra, Mantra and Meditation practice with YM Maestra Teacher and Creative Director Mithila KaRa

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The Light Guides Course 2023

Mithila's new Spiritual Sadhana Program is now open for registration.
Starting in April this is a Course for the times we are in and a Course for spiritual nourishment and Light-Heartedness of Being.

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