Satsang with Kriyaji

Satsang with Kriyaji

This session is devoted to questions from participants. In the past,  there have been questions on reincarnation, the soul, relationships and Kriyaji is open to any subject being discussed. The word ‘Satsang’  means the gathering together of like-minded students in the presence of an embodiment of Truth. The session can take any form - spontaneous teaching, expounding sacred scripture, a yoga text or a dialogue between teacher and student stimulated by questions from students. The Satsang often finishes with a silent or guided meditation.



1,300 SEK for one workshop
 2 workshops: 2400 SEK


All 3 workshops: 3200 SEK


Max class number:

Please bring
- A woolen blanket to sit on
- A journal and pen
- You will need a Mala dedicated for this process and a separate journal dedicated for this process. If you don't have a Mala there will be some to choose from and purchase at the course, your Malas can also receive the sacred blessing by Kriyaji during the course.

 Note: If women attending are on menstruation let us know on the day of the course. 




1 December 2017, at 17:30–20:30


Venue Moveri, Järntorget Gothenburg - To Be Confirmed