Hrudaya Teachings with Kriyaji


This workshop will form the start of regular teachings on the subject of 'Hrudaya'. Hrudaya means 'Heart' in Sanskrit. In the West, we think of the heart as the seat of the emotions and the head as the seat of the mind. But in other cultures, the heart is also the seat of Intelligence. This is the case here. Hrudaya has also the meaning of the 'Heart of God' and it is this aspect that will lead the transformational aspects of the work. The Ego cannot be tackled with the mind (Ego equals Mind) but through the heart. In this teaching, one becomes aware of the genetic, social and psychological conditioning that creates the 'I'. It is necessary to observe attachments with the intelligence of the heart. Using mantra, yantra, meditation and 'swadhay' (self-analysis), the entity we call 'I' is unraveled.  Negative conditioning is dissolved and wiped out.


1,300 SEK for one workshop
 2 workshops: 2400 SEK

All 3 workshops: 3200 SEK

Max class number:

Please bring: 
- A woolen blanket to sit on
- A journal and pen
- You will need a Mala dedicated for this process and a separate journal dedicated for this process. If you don't have a Mala there will be some to choose from and purchase at the course, your Malas can also receive the sacred blessing by Kriyaji during the course.



3 December 2017, at 10:30–13:30


Venue Moveri, Järntorget Gothenburg - To Be Confirmed