Mithila Kara, Göteborg

”The movement of spirit and the existence of something other than meets the eye has always made sense to me and to convey that vision with joy is my gift and I am happy to be of service in sharing this vision with you. With deLight as the guide life becomes a smooth flow of challenges, growing in tune with the Universe. It is an active choice to change myself. This daily choosing of Flow is to me Sadhana, the daily spiritual study and practice. The time committed to it I find is returned, multiplied, in energy, serendipity and awe.”

Many years in the field of yoga via Buddhist practices and yogic practices as a student and over 10 years of teaching experience Mithila is since 2010 dedicated to her personal path of spiritual practice with Guru Kriyaji ( and with her work and yoga practice with Jonathan Monks – the founder of YogaMonks during 2009-2016. Mithila now explores and continues to develop the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Method and Sadhana Teaching of YogaMonks. Mithila owns Lotus Lectures AB, a company providing YogaMonks Sadhana Courses, workshops, retreats and YogaMonks Teacher Trainings in the home base of Gothenburg, Sweden and worldwide.



Vienna Vinyasa

We will be looking at and performing a floor routine, filled with fluid beauty and the wisdom of YogaMonks vinyasa. Everyone welcome from all levels of practice. This routine is practiced to music and is a floor based routine.

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes

This old children’s rhyme and play will be the base of our exploration through playful, simple, easily accessed YogaMonks preparatory practices for head stand, shoulder stand, bridge and plough inversions. Accessible to all ages and levels of practice, this class will not require you to do any advanced postures, but will show you how to playfully prepare your way so that these postures start advancing towards you.




29–30 September 2018


Roda Sten