Day of Wonder - Day Retreat 2019

How to be successful in implementing gradual change and reaching your potential in any area of your life. Daily does it!

Welcome to the introductory lecture and day retreat on this subject of creating daily wonder in your life through healthy, holistic habits.

Most of us try to do too much at once or too little at all when it comes to New Years Resolutions, goal setting, and creating change of habits.

As a dedicated practitioner and yoga teacher with the motto ''Daily Does It'' I have, after nearly a decade of mastering my own daily discipline and helping students access daily spiritual practice, learnt how to help myself and others in adapting any useful habitual change that improves our well-being and supports all we want to do in our daily and weekly lives. This adds up to how we experience ourselves over months and years and a lifetime. 

On this program I will share with you HOW to make yourself successful in adapting healthy habits in a gradual and sustainable way. We will look at why we often fail to stay on top of our desired outcomes and how to make a path that will prove more fruitful in achieving our visions for ourselves and our loved ones. We will visit some of the techniques of the Wonder Week Program in brief with opportunity to put some of these into practice and to visualize your new year for 2019 in a group of gathered creative minds surrounded by a beautiful nature. A lovely way to inspire your new year.

You will have the time during this day to put some of the tools to practice. 

On a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis I use a number of techniques besides my regular yoga practice to clean, clear, clarify and connect my heart-mind, my body, my soul-spirit and my breath. This includes ayurvedic healthy physical habits such as:

oil-pulling (purification of the tongue and clearing toxins of the digestive system and sinuses)

dry brushing (purification of and assisting the lymphatic system) 

lemon/ginger/water cleanses (digestion, general health and immune system) well as other tried and tested tools for creating a life of clarity and purpose through...

journaling (finding out what you want)

meditation (being quiet to hear guidance)

breath-work (to tune in and feel more)

visualization (to dream and realize the dream)

silence and solitude (to gather energy, inspirit, and nourish yourself, to enhance creativity and productivity)

and more...


This day event is a taste of the Wonder Week Program.

January 1st


April 14th

at Kara House, Älvsered, Sweden

1100 - 1600


Book now for either of the above dates for the 420 SEK Day of Wonder Event

including brunch and afternoon tea.  

This price will be deducted from the Wonder Week retreat if you choose to book the week long retreat program. 

Book later (after December 24th): 540 SEK

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1 January 2019, at 11:00–16:00


Halland, Sweden



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