YM Yoga and Meditation Class

On Sunday, May 21st, at Järntorget 7, Spinn Studio

1100-1500 an Open Class with myself and the YM Method

Due to current circumstances I have reduced my ordinary prices for the May 21st event with the hope that it will enable many to join despite the times.

770 SEK per person

555 SEK ( Concession and YM Course and LG Course Crew )

Join Online on Zoom?: My focus will be in the room. I will not teach towards the computer but if you wish to be on the class on the Zoom call to take in as much as you can of the event online, you are welcome. Tickets for the online class: 330 SEK.


Yoga with YM movement, mudra, mantra and meditation practice with the potential for individual and group sound healing / energy work.

Sign up with reply to this email.


The booking is binding. 40 % cancellation fee for those paying the 770 SEK event fee.

At the event that I cancel the class you will be fully refunded.

If you are on the Early Bird or Concession rate 555 SEK - it is however non-refundable.


I will provide beverages for our 30 minutes break time, bring your own food/snacks. 


As the Light Language and Healing energy now flows strongly through me, it happens at times, depending on the group gathered and the needs of the group, that healing, light language, sound healing, energy clearing etc...naturally takes place even when I do not plan for it. Sometimes it happens and sometimes it does not. Aside from the Yoga which I will teach and guide us through, we can also expect the unexpected in the form of the spontaneous healing energy that may grace us in our gathering.


Welcome with your inquiries and booking to info@yogamonks.se.



21 May, at 11:00–15:00


Spinn Studio, Göteborg