Ceremony of Summer Retreats

Non binding registration - show of interest in the dates.

If you wish to attend more than one event click on multiple boxes. If you wish to attend the longer retreat per day, state in comments field which days you would wish to attend. A more detailed schedule with prices and content and times will be sent out as the retreat becomes confirmed with venue etc...

Ceremony of Summer Retreat August


During our daily sessions we will be moving through a combination of Yoga Movements, Breathwork, Meditations, Crystal connections, Spiritual ritual to connect with our spiritual entourage and deepening your understanding of energy medicines such as water rituals, energy boundaries, Guru Purnima Ritual on July 13th to honour our Guru, our Enlightened Masters living or ascended, flower mandala making and peace ceremonies for the world, prayer and Light Work, talks and Q&A sessions.

The unique mix of events that we co-create on these retreats will be based on who attends and your personal wish list as well as what I feel is needed at the time to draw down and draw on for all of us gathered.¨




August retreat: Sunday, August 7th - Thursday, August 11th.

Sign up by: July 1st.


Arrive Sunday, 1500 pm / check in.

Leaving Thursday, 1100 AM

Sunday evening arrival day session 17-1900

Monday to Wednesday daily 3-4 hours scheduled sessions between 11 AM-1800 PM with lots of free roaming time.

July 13th (Guru Purnima) and August 12th (Lions Gate Portal Peak) Full Moons are also Channeled Meditation Evenings 1800-2000 are included in each respective Retreat.



Somewhere FABULOUS on the west coast Falkenberg to Gothenburg and vicinity.

Venue will be confirmed based on YOUR booking.

You can attend daily as a day retreat or stay on site for a full immersive retreat. 


Organise your own lodgings or sleep at home and visit and attend per day as a day retreat participant.

Investment: max 1500-2000 SEK per day


Immersive holiday at the retreat venue: maximum investment 12000-15000 SEK. I am aiming for max 12000 SEK for this retreat all inclusive of the venue, lodging, food, my sessions. An additional 1000-3000 SEK if you wish to add on massage treatments and other extras depending on where we are located.


I will find a place that is perfect for the group that are gathering.

(If you have tips on places I should look at renting that provide full service of food and lodging, hook me up!)


Are you super interested in this but the dates do not work for you? Then let me know that. Use the booking form below to share your interest and wishes.


OTHER Retreats 

Sunday, August 14th Day Retreat 1100-1700 in Gothenburg area




7–11 August


Somewhere Sweden West Coast Falkenberg-Gothenburg Area