The Light Guides Module 4

Dec-Feb 2023/2024

LG1:5 December 10th, Sunday, 4-6 pm

LG1:5 December 18th, Monday, 6-8 pm

LG1:5 January 14th, Sunday, 4-6 pm

LG1:5 January 22nd, Monday, 6-8 pm

LG1:5 February 5th,  Monday, 6-8 pm

LG1:5 February 18th, Sunday, 4-6 pm



Overview of topics:

  • Several beautiful and efficient Relationship Energy Meditation Methods will be covered so you can work through your own relationships in different ways during and after the course.


  • Tools, rituals and ceremonies for reclaiming lost energy, lost power from significant past or present relationships, transmuting karma gained through intimate relationships, celebrating and recognising the energy of healthy relationships past and present. 


  • The beautiful Magdalene Rose Meditation Technique as well as a few of my own directly downloaded meditation/healing techniques will be shared for your personal use and adaptation into your practices.


  • The content will be catered to the Group based on what types of energy and relationships are at the forefront for the participants. 


Further descriptions and details of topics:

  • Energy Point of View on Relationships and how that helps us navigate this vital area of life with greater ease.
  • I will be sharing one of the most useful meditation techniques I have received from my Guides, downloaded through meditation over 10 years ago regarding healthy relationship energy management. 
  • This relationship understanding, healing and viewing technique is simple and helps us to see the energy behind relationships and bonds, helps us to see our role and responsibility in our experiences and helps us to, where needed, release cords or re-chord into higher vibrational connections. I have never taught this technique before and I can’t wait to make it known. As a healer I use this technique often to bring clients on soul/energy journeys. It is simple and powerful.
  • Through different types of energy medicine and healing, with this technique as the base, you will access some wonderful ways to better understand and be in a healthy way in your relationships 
  • We will also explore known relationship meditations such as the beautiful Magdalene Rose Temple Guidance. 

Course Prep: Briefly describe what you already know/do in relation to this subject.

Pre-requisite: the LG Foundation Course or similar previous study/knowing 


Read ALL ABOUT the Light Guides Course Program here.


18 December 2023, at 18:00–20:00


Live Online on Zoom