YogaMonks Meditations


Vinyasa Movement Meditation is the primary Meditation practice of the YM Meditation Practices.

Practicing Breath-Work is a wonderful support for Meditation Practice. 

We aim to build our ability to be still through Simply Sitting, a meditation practice to begin seated meditation.


Side bar: I also teach non YM specific techniques such as Midline Meditations, Chakra Meditations, Mantra Meditations and other. YM Teachers teach the techniques that they are most familiar and practiced in always starting with YM Movement meditations as well as Simply Sitting for seated practice for beginners.


There is an advanced YM meditation technique called Root Meditation.


What YM Meditations do

All YM meditation draws you away from the head, away from being purely in the mind and also asks your attention to be based in the body.

Since the body is unquestionably present in the world, the body then anchors your mind in the present. From here the senses journey deeper into what is happening, expanding our awareness, giving us a real sense of how we reach beyond ourselves into what is unknown. Knowing how to do this we become more and more comfortable with not knowing and gradually our need to know and control falls away. We experience this first in one area then another and this is the beginning to a deeper freedom.


How it works

All YM meditation is simple. We learn to see and experience things as they are, without labelling, predicting and trying to understand them. We begin to learn what it feels like to allow one thing to Earth.


This meditation methods teaches us grounding.

It shows us where the Earth is.

It allows us to unconditionally let go of everything

It teaches us that Mother is always giving, we just need to learn to empty ourselves, so the process also teaches us how we let go.

It teaches us how to listen, feel and allow the natural juxtaposition of energy.


The meditation of movement keeps us in constant change.

It trains our ‘interested muscle’ to stay with what is happening without wishing to control or affect the outcome.


Because of how we meditate in the YM Method it leads naturally to a sense of greater embodiment for you have to let go of your entire being and then allow yourself to be filled, much like a tree receives the rain both from above and below.


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