the YM Method

- relieving you of common aches and pains
- supporting you with better posture and spine health
- giving you ease in movement, breath and being still
- preparing you for Hatha Yoga and other advanced spiritual practices

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The Light Guides Course 2023

Mithila's new Spiritual Sadhana Program is now open for registration.
Starting in April this is a Course for the times we are in and a Course for spiritual nourishment and Light-Heartedness of Being.

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YM Sadhana Course

25 March, at 11:00–14:00 , Online and LIVE

This is for the YM Sadhana Course Program.
Would you like to practice Yoga with us? Join our Sadhana Program. Join our Spontaneous Classes. Book a Private Session.

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Healing Circle

29 March, at 12:00–13:00 , Zoom Live Online

"To heal is to remember."
Every month I invite those who wish to gather for healing to comfortably lay down or meditate as I channel multi-dimensional high vibratory healing energy to our gathering. These sessions are powerful healing, clearing, recharging holistic upgrades.

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What is Meditation?

What is meditation in all its many meanings? Read more about the word and the practice and discover what types of meditation might appeal to you.

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