By unifying the whole body and expanding the fascial tissue in every movement, YogaMonks frees the spine and brings about flexibility, strength and well-being to your whole being with surprising efficiency with just a little practice daily. 

The purpose of this practice is to remind us what being soft and well-connected feels like and to recognize where disconnection/stuckness/blockages are and how to reach through this to connection.

Welcome to the experience of this unique movement and meditation method steeped in the spiritual adventure of Yoga. As you start this practice, wonderment accompanies you. As you progress on this practice, Yoga Asana happens to you. It is a journey. We welcome you to ours.


For testimonials from current students read here.


Sadhana Satisfaction  

Sadhana: a daily spiritual practice gives

a greater sense of purpose and creativity

an expansion of ability, capacity and desire

a greater sense of connection to that which we cannot see but sense

becoming clearer about our purpose and path in life

a sense of belonging to a community and a desire to be of service 

health and well being 

...and much more benefits. Over the years of daily practice the practitioner also gains great

skill and mastery in the tools of their practice. 


Yes to the YogaMonks Sadhana Courses?

The above benefits of any Sadhana is also true for anyone journeying with us on the YogaMonks Sadhana Courses. What we provide specifically is: 

  • support and expertise in the YogaMonks tools
  • a structure where you can begin or continue a daily self practice
  • a teacher of high level of experience and who has a steady daily practice to guide you
  • a correct technique and efficient method that brings delightful and quick Yogic practice results
  • support through the challenges of change, change that is inevitable when practicing daily
  • celebrating with you the benefits of that change (changes we ourselves have been challenged by, and the benefits of those changes that we ourselves have celebrated)

The journey is individual but the path is common. Sticking to a path is uncommon and that is where our Sadhana Courses come in. Our toolbox of Sadhana are the practices of the YogaMonks Method. 


Mithila about the practice

‘’From the experience of myself and around 100 students using the YogaMonks practice daily from 2009 we have come to see that the following*** occurs for any student who applies themselves to studying and practicing this work with continuity and interest. 

We (the YM teachers team) continue to live and develop this practice and are excited as to where it may take us and the Crew of Sadhana students applying themselves to this journey. 

We are proud of and grateful for this fun and efficient practice of yoga and for the wonder filled results it yields. 


***We have not yet seen any hatha yoga method that allows this type of fluidity of movement to be available to a practitioner so quickly as the YM method in those students who have lovingly followed the method of practice and the individual guidance of their YogaMonks professional teachers. These are practices deeply quietening to the mind.

The art of vinyasa and the nature of asana comes from within to the student who stays true to their daily exploration of Yogamonks Sadhana. States of deep and peaceful meditation and concentration can be accessed by the student with greater skill and ease as they advance in the practice.

Greater ease, softness, precision, peace in posture and breath within basic practices to more advanced practices are all desirable goals for the YogaMonks practitioner. Wonderment is the natural outcome.

The practice does not induce injury in any way if practiced correctly as the teacher guides, it is taught in steady advancement and depending on the level the student has reached in their self practice. It is taught by highly self practiced teachers with long years in study and practice and ongoing study with a senior teacher. No exceptions.

The First Five Years....

...are spent unravelling the outer layers of tensions of the body, the fascinating fascial fabric that has formed itself according to our lifestyles, habits, karma (inherited traits, genetic traits, spiritual history, habitual behavior), movement patterns etc...

Fascial freedom - we get looser, lighter, softer and stronger in the body - leads to facial freedom - we find ourselves smiling more. 

...through precise and joyful direction of energy from the spine. The student experiences being not only more mobile, but physically stronger and emotionally lighter. The gradual path of this practice enables each student to digest the changes that are taking place on a deep tissue level in the body, daily and over the course of the years of practice accumulates to an indescribable joy of feeling freedom in one’s being beyond comparison to their first day of YogaMonks practice. Though the freedom and changes in the physical are felt immediately at the beginning of the course, the changes per year of daily practice adds up to a delicious existence in all the levels of being human: mental, emotional, physical in deep communion with spirit.

Years 6 to 10...

After 5 consecutive years of Starting Sadhana, the YogaMonks practice is then studied with more advanced techniques of vinyasa and asana, requiring greater skill and ability in being soft, in having strong connective tissue connections from spine to limbs and floor which then allow the student to work deeper in posture and breath-work at a new level of intensity in practice without overworking the nervous system.

An intermediate level Yoga Monks Asana and Vinyasa practice begins. Breathwork is now introduced to movements and everything becomes softer yet. This brings about even greater strength and capacity in the connective tissue, bones and breath. The practitioner starts to work with Asana on a deeper level.


Sadhana Stories

Any of these years of study may be repeated with great benefit of going deeper and truly learning something well.

Year 1 to 5 of Sadhana is currently taught by Mithila and a few senior students who are YogaMonks Professionals.



For all who wish to practice something useful and healthy on a daily basis. For all who wish to learn Hatha Yoga and a spiritual practice. For all who wish to get to daily practice fulfilment. 


Age 18 and upwards (for younger students contact us for details on how to practice).


If you have severe health conditions, severe injuries/operated joints or organs or burn-out the Sadhana course programs may be too intensive and we would look at private sessions or learning at a slower pace, more frequently with a teacher. The YogaMonks method is adaptable to any level of physical capacity. There is a wide range of practices to choose from. The Sadhana Program is only one grouping of practices.


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